Seekers and Guides: On Pagan & Wiccan Ritual

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Seekers and Guides: On Pagan & Wiccan Ritual.

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Seekers and Guides: The Royal Visit

A Wiccan ritual can be likened to a visit from royalty. Thinking of it in that way helps us to consider all of the steps involved in a ritual and the purposes for doing them. [Read more…]

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The Life and Death of a Pagan Spirit Warrior: Heather Arlene Carr

You may have seen the news by now, probably because of the headline: “Pagan fire ritual gone wrong killed Kamloops woman”. There were all kinds of details that add up to vulturesque media clickbait. But Heather Carr was my friend.

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Who Are We?

Recently, there have been a number of articles posted on the subject of “respectability politics”.[1][2][3] A quick summation of the subject at hand is that respectability politics entails a minority population purposely subverting their own culture to try to elicit a

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Faith, Feminism and Gender

Our culture’s current ideas about gender and sexuality are so dangerously messed up that they cause genuine psychological damage to those who do not fit the pigeonholes (like me.) But I don’t see how it helps for us to just

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