Seekers and Guides: Why Witches Wield Wands

In the age of the athame, a Witch might wonder why we bother putting a wand on the altar at all. But the use of the wand is an ancient practice with deep roots and esoteric history. What is a

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Don’t Call it a Comeback, Please.

I’ve been a pagan now for about 20 odd years, over half of my life now. Two decades. Some of the Pagans in the community that I interact with have been Pagans for 25, 30, or more years. That’s a

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From the Shadows: “By Their Fruits Shall Ye Know Them”

How do you determine whether or not a faith has value? If I were to bring it back to apples, I would say that the only real test is in whether or not the resulting dish nourishes you. Source: From

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Reciprocity: A Witch’s Relationship with Her Deities

How much respect and obedience is due the Gods? This is an issue that has created a great deal of division within the Pagan and Polytheist community. What do They want of us? What should we ask of Them? One

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The Fallacy of Isolation

There is an unfortunate compartmentalization trend in modern reconstructive Paganism. That’s the idea of exclusive ethnic faith. The basis of the idea is that each ethnic group in antiquity had a religious and spiritual faith, and that it was their

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