Welcome to the Temple!

Welcome to the Temple of the Oak, Hammer, and Star, a non-partisan, multi-faith Pagan organization based in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Our goal is to build a strong community of Pagans in the Okanagan. We’re at the beginning phases right now, and are looking for like minded Pagans of all stripes to help achieve the goal. In future, we plan to provide:

  • regular ritual events (alternating north and south in the valley), forecasted well ahead to facilitate members in planning
  • workshops on the various facets of modern paganism
  • a supportive community for members
  • awards for outstanding members and outstanding Pagans in the larger community
  • outreach to the community
  • participate in and hold events locally and provincially
  • establish a permanent Pagan religious facility in the Okanagan
  • regular posts on Paganism in general, as well as more specific posts about Druidism, Heathenry, and Wicca

Of course, we’re still a long way from those goals, but everything has to start somewhere! If you’re interested in helping out and building a strong, permanent community presence, please contact us at templeoakhammerstar@gmail.com we look forward to hearing from you!

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