Druidry what is it and how is it defined


A lot of people ask what is Druidry or Druidism.. To those who follow it there are many answers from a pagan religion to a philosophy or even just a way of life. I believe it is all three. For the most part it is a way of life or a life choice. It is about learning to live in harmony with the natural world around you. From choosing to walk instead of driving, turning off lights that are not necessary in your home, recycling what you can, and composting instead of throwing vegetable wastes in the garbage. Finding ecologically friendly sources of energy from solar or wind.
Most people who follow the druidic path use similar rites and celebrations as other pagan groups. From Samhain, yule, imbolc, Beltane, lughnassad, and others these are all part of the wheel of the year. There are eight major celebrations and each is…

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