Moving Forward

Celtic_in_Sage_by_skandylAs some may have noticed, last year was something of a damp squib for the Temple. There are many reasons for this, but they’re neither here nor there at this point. As of January 2015, the Temple of the Oak, Hammer, and Star is live and active. Our purpose at this point is to provide information and connections to Pagans living in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia.

The reason behind our mission is simple, there is no excuse to not provide the best support and assistance to Pagans and interested persons possible. The days of wondering if there are others out there with similar beliefs and muddling through questionable materials and practices, and all the issues associated with that can and should end. That’s where the Temple of The Oak, Hammer, Hammer and Star fits in. We are a resource, with knowledge and access to knowledge about the three major areas of Pagan resurgence in North America, as well as other less followed but none the less important faiths.

With renewed vigour, interest, and support, the Temple of the Oak, Hammer, and Star is well on its way to providing a service badly needed by Pagans in the Okanagan Valley. Established Pagans are invited to provide guest posts, and the Temple will be doing something new in the area. We are going to establish a list for community and professional services available from Pagans in the Okanagan! We’ve a diverse group, with diverse interests and skills, and there’s no need to rely solely on word of mouth and personal connections to let people know what we can do.

It’s going to be a fantastic 2015!


Graeme is a professional diver, veteran with the Canadian Armed forces, and developing as an archaeologist. He holds an Associates Degree for the Arts in Environmental Studies, where he focused on physical geography and archaeology.

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