Learning the Traditions

Ok here is a few thoughts I have recently had on Druidry and the Druidic Traditions. I have discovered through experience and talking with others that the biggest mistake most people make when they first start learning about druidry and all it’s traditions is that they try to learn too much too fast. This leads to frustration and inevitably to quitting. This is part of the reason why I have spent many years studying and only half as long practicing. I was ten when I first discovered that I was a natural druid however learning how to put what I knew instinctively into practice took a long time. First I had to overcome my upbringing in the Christian church, then I had to learn what it meant to be a druid and everything that went with it.

I would suggest that before you even look into the finer and more serious aspects of any tradition you should first learn about the natural world around you. Whether you live in the city or the country there are many different aspects of the natural world to consider. In the city you should learn where the green spaces are and what types of Flora and Fauna abound. Likewise in the country you should learn how to read the signs of wildlife which are left to be seen. From the spoor of the natural animals to the differing types of trees and plants. Learn which are edible and which are poisonous. Once you learn these things then you can start paying attention to how the animals interact with the plants. Some berries are poisonous to people but very beneficial to certain types of animals. Learn what the tracks of certain animals look like. Define where their territories are. Many animals are territorial and will defend their territory if an interloper invades them. Other animals are over-protective of their young; such as bears, these animals you never wish to get between them and their young.

If you can learn these things and it does take time and patience to do so, then you are ready to learn how each plant can have beneficial medicinal purposes. This means learning about herbalism and how to make things such as tinctures and balms. Also you can start learning about the magical properties of the natural world. This does not mean that you start casting spells or hexes. This means you learn how the plants interact with the aura of yourself and others.

The biggest thing about learning about becoming a Druid is SELF-RECOGNITION. This means learning where your short-comings are and how to overcome them, as well as what your strengths may be and how to utilize them effectively in your everyday life. Pride is a short-coming and humility believe it or not is a strength. These are the hardest things to catagorize especially as most people take pride in what they are and what they are doing. Pride also leads people to have contempt towards others who are not as capable in areas which we ourselves excel. Humility means that we do not rub others noses in their short-comings or problem areas, but try to help them through it. At times we can learn as much if not more by being helpful.

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One comment on “Learning the Traditions
  1. Leeby Geeby says:

    Thank you that’s some very sage advice. Useful for a city dwelling Shaman such as myself. Many thanks!

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