B is for Brighid: Goddess, Saint and Lwa

I am a Flamekeeper. I keep a sacred flame for the Goddess Brighid, also known as Brid, as part of a worldwide sisterhood called the Daughters of the Flame. I’ve been a part of the order off and on for almost twenty years now, and we honour Her in all Her aspects: Pagan goddess, Christian saint, and Voodoo lwa.

Read more at Between the Shadows.


I'm a Pagan and speculative fiction author, a professional blogger, and a musician. I'm proudly Canadian and proudly LGBTQ. My politics are decidedly left and if you ask for my opinion, expect an honest answer. I own a dog and am owned by a cat. I used to work part time at a bookstore and I love to read, especially about faith, philosophy, science, and sci-fi and fantasy.

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