The Life and Death of a Pagan Spirit Warrior: Heather Arlene Carr

Heather Carr.  Photo by Stephen Carr.

Heather Carr. Photo by Stephen Carr.

You may have seen the news by now, probably because of the headline: “Pagan fire ritual gone wrong killed Kamloops woman”. There were all kinds of details that add up to vulturesque media clickbait. But Heather Carr was my friend. I am disgusted by the deliberately provocative language of the mainstream media and even more disgusted by the internet trolls who have chosen to comment on it like they actually know something about the situation. Because it was a shamanic witch who chose to pray alone in a publicly owned place rather than a church, it’s a big sensation and people feel they have a right to be rude. [Read more…]


I'm a Pagan and speculative fiction author, a professional blogger, and a musician. I'm proudly Canadian and proudly LGBTQ. My politics are decidedly left and if you ask for my opinion, expect an honest answer. I own a dog and am owned by a cat. I used to work part time at a bookstore and I love to read, especially about faith, philosophy, science, and sci-fi and fantasy.

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