Hail and welcome!

The Temple of the Oak, Hammer, and Star is a Pan-Pagan organization, oriented to gather together resources for all Pagans in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia. Our name derives from the three most well established Pagan practices in the Okanagan, Druidism, Heathenry, and Wicca. We are not limited to these areas though, and we offer services and assistance for all pagans of all types. The Temple is a non-partisan operation, not favouring any one faith over the others. We here believe that the pagan community is ready to stand forward, and that no new pagan should be without support and guidance in their early days as so many of us were.

The Temple of the Oak, Hammer, and Star is a open organization, and stands on the principles of equality, egalitarianism, and both group and personal responsibility. We reject and do not tolerate racism or sexism, or other forms of discrimination, and stand in solidarity with oppressed groups.

stock triskelionOur symbol is the triskelion, and ancient symbol that first appears in the neolithic period. In antiquity, it was strongly associated with Celtic and Greek cultures, and in modern times, has become associated with eclectic Paganism. Variants of it can be found in Druidic, Norse and Germanic, and Wiccan practices today, so we have adopted it as our symbol of unity. The Temple of the Oak, Hammer, and Star is also well represented by this icon, as we are three paths merging to a single purpose.

We invite established Pagans in and outside the valley to write guest posts, and if you are interested in the Temple, Paganism, attending or holding an event, looking for guidance, have a profession or skill you’d like to share, or are just curious, please contact us @ templeoakhammerstar@gmail.com, and we’ll reply promptly.

Background “Celtic in Sage” by skandyl, see more art at their Deviant Art site. Used here for non-commercial purposes, in accordance with fair usage.


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