Spiritual services come in a wide variety. From official religious activities such as legal marriages, to mentor work, to classes and private rituals.

Legal Clergy
Clergy services in BC come in two flavours, official and unofficial. The Okanagan is lucky to have two Congregationalist Wiccan Association of British Columbia certified legal clergy members in residence. Although nominally under the umbrella of the CWABC Okanagan Temple of Mirth and Reverence, they offer their full suite of services to all Pagans in the Okanagan. As recognized clergy, they are able to conduct legal and recognised handfastings, marriages, rites of passage, and perform funeral services in the province of British Columbia.

Sable Aradia
Myranda O’Byrne
list of services

Sable is also involved in advocacy work, and Myranda has spiritual guidance services.

Spiritual Services:

White Lioness Metaphysical
White Lioness Metaphysical is a physical store located in Penticton, and offers courses in Reiki, Yoga, Crystals, Witchcraft, meditation, and Tarot. Contact them for full details.
phone 778-476-2929

Sable Aradia
Sable offers a variety of spiritual services ranging from instruction to rituals. Based from her home in Vernon, she conducts services and rituals all through the Okanagan.
Spiritual and Ritual Services
Workshops and Classes

Myranda O’Byrne
Myranda O’Byrne is an active witch and offers a variety services to local Pagans. Based from her home in Kelowna, she conducts services and rituals throughout the Okanagan.


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