This page is designed to give both new and old Pagans access to resources about their faith, and the faiths of others within the temple. All links provided are labelled either “site” or “pdf”, and depending on your settings and browser, pdfs may automatically download to your device or computer.

This page should be considered to be constantly under construction, as new materials are found and as members produce their own materials to be added.

The Oak:
The Druidry Handbook by J.M. Greer(pdf)
Druidism the Ancient Faith of Britain(pdf)(historical view)

The Hammer:
The Hávamál(site)
The Prose Edda(site)
The Icelandic Sagas(site)
The Runic Journey by J.Smith(pdf)
Ravenbok Guide to Asatru and Ritual Book(pdf)
ThorpeEdda(pdf)(Poetic Edda, Thorpe translation)

The Star:
Lessons in beginning in the Wiccan Tradition(pdf)
Spiritual Philosophy and Practice of Wicca in the US Military(pdf)(because the US military makes handbooks for everything, and it’s actually pretty good!)
The Gardnerian Book of Shadows(site)
The Common Book of Wicca & Witchcraft(pdf)
Poetry of Doreen Valiente(site)
Exegesis on the Wiccan Rede(site)
Aradia, Gospel of the Witches(pdf) Source material (not a reflection of current practice)
The Golden Bough(pdf) Source material
The White Goddess(pdf) Source material


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