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Witch Crafting

Originally posted on Sable Aradia, Priestess & Witch:
I always thought that this desire to make and create things, and to combine them in interesting ways that spell out a symbolic language, was the reason that we call it The…

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Don’t Call it a Comeback, Please.

I’ve been a pagan now for about 20 odd years, over half of my life now. Two decades. Some of the Pagans in the community that I interact with have been Pagans for 25, 30, or more years. That’s a

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From the Shadows: “By Their Fruits Shall Ye Know Them”

How do you determine whether or not a faith has value? If I were to bring it back to apples, I would say that the only real test is in whether or not the resulting dish nourishes you. Source: From

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Seekers and Guides: Some Essential Books for Women’s Spirituality Groups

A cautious list recommending the classics in the field of Feminist Witchcraft, and a few you may not be familiar with besides. I’m going to tell you why I think they need to be on this list, and I’m also

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Solstice: Solar Appreciation Day!

Solstice: Solar Appreciation Day!. The Solstice is coming! Why not observe a Solar Appreciation Day? Here’s some fun facts about why the Sun is worthy of our worship, and a few simple suggestions for ways to observe solar devotions.  [Read

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